Standing on 15+ years of professional writing, authentic storytelling, creative direction and global travels, my approach to directing documentary and immersive media content is holistic, with a goal of cultivating compassion to create lasting change. I am passionate about spatial presence and aim to teleport audiences in order to take them on a journey through each story. I work with the best cinematographers and immersive technicians, audio engineers and producers across the world; teams I trust to deliver artistic cinematic experiences for each medium. I prefer to come in on projects from the concept development stage in order to bring out the authentic story and carry this across in to physical and post-production.


Following a successful career for more than a decade in print and online media production as a writer and producer, I moved into directing, making my debut as a director with the documentary Double Barrel (2016), filmed in Peru and Australia. The social good documentary was selected to premiere globally at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2016, and continued on to release globally on in-flight TV, on demand platforms, Amazon Prime Video, Edge TV, international TV channels, and online streaming. The film contributed to the success of Peruvian locals in inducting the surf breaks of Lobitos in to marine park protection under national Peruvian law, an unprecedented feat in South America.

I then directed The Laps TV pilot episode The Laps Tasmania, a run-and-gun reality television style full feature documentary, following Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp around the rugged island of Tasmania with no cash, no car, no electronics, and just 10 personal items each. The pilot episode was also selected to premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2019, and has enjoyed global release across all digital and TV mediums.

Commercially, I directed The Orchard television commercial for a land and home package release in northern Queensland, which aired on regional television.

For the past four years I have been directing and consulting on virtual reality experiences, collaborating on Mothers of the Atlas, with Temme Media and Qualcomm Wireless Research, and more recently Parting the Veil VR, an after life/death short 360 documentary and interactive virtual reality experience, with developer Daish Malani.


Double Barrel

30 minutes | Australia, Peru | 2016

A film by Angie Davis

Produced by Switchboard Media Group

The Laps Tasmania

53 minutes | Australia | 2017

A film by Angie Davis and Dustin Hollick

Produced by Switchboard Media Group

Mothers of the Atlas

4:43 minutes | USA, Morocco | 2017

A 360 film by Qualcomm Wireless Research with Trice Imaging

Produced by Temme Media (Sybil Steele, Taylor Steele, Jeremy Donohue, Angie Davis)

The Orchard TVC

Written, directed and produced by Angie Davis and Dustin Hollick at Switchboard Media.

Director of Photography, Edit and Colour Grade: Tim Wreyford

Score: MT Warning Mixed and Mastered by James Greer

Styling: Marisa Sidoti H+M: Polyana


Angie is the hardest working director I know who makes things from the heart for positive change. All of her work is inspired from the amazing life she has lived travelling the world.
— Taylor Steele, award-winning director
Working with Angie has been an awesome experience. I have been working alongside her for the last four to five years. Most notable were her two documentaries, Double Barrel and The Laps. Angie is a great collaborator and always has fresh ideas on how to approach each project. She gives 110% to every job and has amazed me with her determination to make each project a success. I look forward to seeing where her career takes her.
— Tim Wreyford, Cinematographer, Editor and Color Grader.
Angie and I have been working together for almost 10 years. It is rare to find someone who can cross business, production, writing and creative in all projects and I have always enjoyed our collaborations together. An authentic storyteller whether in documentary, emerging technologies such as VR or her own stories of vulnerability and growth.

I’m looking forward to a new phase of working with Angie on a project I consider my life’s work and that I would place in no other hands to start the genesis of something incredibly important to me in my work with women, for women and by women.
— Sybil Steele, Founder Temme Media
I have collaborated with Angie over a number of years. Angie is one of those rare individuals whose amazing creative talent is matched only by her courage and tenacity. Angie is driven by storytelling across multiple mediums including film and VR, and the power of these mediums to make real positive change in the world. This passion led us to collaborate on an education program for an episodic film initiative called The Laps. Laps is now gaining international momentum for not only the quality of Angie’s filmic and storytelling skills but for the attention it is bringing to climate change and our impact on the environment.

Angie has a passion for education and community and this powerful combination will no doubt continue to help build Angie’s international reputation as a creative thought leader and change maker.
— Michael O'Brien, Co-Founder Harness Projects
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Angie developing content, working on various sponsorship plans, product and business development. Angie is a thought leader, sparking original ideas and tirelessly turning them into disruptive content, insightful & provocative art forms, and successful business activations. She is the rare blend of artist meets business/social change agent. Angie is also an incredibly talented Filmmaker and Director. I would recommend Angie for any project that requires perspective on how to influence social change.
— Paula Toledo, Founder Ode to Wonder, TEDx Speaker