According to the World Health Organisation, One IN Three women (35%) worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner violence in their lifetime.

First We Walk is a global trek initiative with a goal of empowering women, raising awareness for domestic violence campaigns and mental health, and restoring unity and human rights.

Trekkers from all over the world who relate to these issues can use the hashtag #firstwewalk to share their journeys.

The First We Walk concept was founded by Angie Davis, an Australian writer and producer, environmental and humanitarian activist, mother and domestic violence survivor. In November 2017, Angie, her partner Remy, and two sons Ryder and Hunter will trek the Nepali Himalayas for the cause, raising funds for Her Farm Nepal Women's Refuge.


Global women's treks

Retreats and workshops with women's refuges and charity organisations

Supporting economic opportunities to financially empower abuse survivors

Encouraging and supporting rehabilitation programs for violent men

Raising awareness and supporting programs for mental health

"After living through the financial ruin of divorce that followed a decade of domestic violence, I struggled to juggle my professional career and two young sons, and a mountain of debt. My journey to heal and grow from the past, and release myself of debt, was a long, humiliating road; one that could not have been achieved without the support of family, friends, and strangers, and unleashing the inner strength that exists within myself.

My journey has taught me that legislation, governments and cultures are failing to protect women from gender-based violence worldwide; a staggering 85 per cent of abused women will return to their abusers, often due to financial strain or a decline in living standards once they leave, and there is a huge lack of educational and rehabilitation programs for violating men.

As I write this letter, I am preparing with my own children, aged 5yo and 7yo, to move into a local campsite, having recently returned from 8 months abroad after selling everything to ease the burden of my pre-divorce debts that lie solely in my name. We returned to Australia in April for my sons to go back to school, and have been reminded of the lack of affordable housing in our area.

My decision to live in a tent has stemmed from this fact and a further three primary reasons:

  • Camping enables my children and I to remain connected with nature, an important element of our healing process and fuel to thrive;

  • Poverty is a state of mind. Women don’t need to play the role of the victim of their past. It takes strength to survive, but we all have within us the power to transform and thrive;

  • Government safe houses are a disgrace and do not provide abuse victims with a holistic environment to heal, transform, and thrive;

Our global treks aim to:

  • Offer women who have survived domestic violence a chance to awaken the warrior woman within through the physical and mental challenge of trekking;
  • Reconnect women with nature, and switch on the mind-body connection;
  • Inspire women to 'strive to thrive', to re-write their stories, achieve their true potential, and ultimately give back to other women and the Planet.

At First We Walk we are poised to offer you a helping hand on this journey. As the Dalai Lama once said: ‘The world will be saved by the Western woman.’

It is my hope that I can use my voice, my feet, and my free spirit, to be an advocate for changing policy, offer support to empower survivors of domestic violence to transform their lives, and give generously through First We Walk fundraisers to the brave women around the world who have re-written their stories.

Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights; we are ONE.”  - Angie Davis, Founder, First We Walk.

First We Walk will fund raise globally for each annual trek, then WALK FOR DOMESTIC and GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE, donating proceeds to a woman’s refuge or charity in the location of each annual trek.


Our debut trek will take place in the Gosainkunda region of the Nepali Himalayas, from November 15 - 27, supporting women's agricultural refuge 'Her Farm'.

The trek is NOW OPEN for any members of the public who wish to join.

    Raise funds to finance a new Greenhouse for Her Farm, and a women's micro-finance fund;

Visit and live with the women of Her Farm, to share skills and stories as a global community (yoga, meditation, Wim Hof Method introduction, agricultural farming, storytelling for filmmaking, holistic therapy);

Raise global awareness for domestic and gender-based violence;

Inspire unity consciouness.

Social Media: @theaniccaway #firstwewalk