It all started with a plan to trek in Nepal to raise awareness for domestic violence survivors, and in a big way, experience the magic of the Himalayas with my kids as a voyage of healing for ourselves. But whilst in Nepal, it would be rude not to visit India, don't you think?

In the early days of dating my French boyfriend Remy, I had shared with him about the trek and he'd soon expressed interest in joining our adventures.

When tickets popped up for A$250 one way from the Gold Coast to Jaipur, it was set in stone. With four plane tickets booked, we would begin our journey in India, cross over into Nepal overland, and continue east across the largest continent on Earth, with no planes and no plastics, in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and just generally see more.

So here we are two days out from the beginning of our epic journey, #crossingasia from India to Japan, on a minimal budget, over a time frame of roughly four months and just a couple of rucksacks, a camera, a microphone, and a guitar. Oh, and two kids.

Until a week ago, we didn't even have backpacks, let alone good weatherproof gear - the kids and I had left all our snow wear in Japan awaiting the next season. And then there was the problem of clean drinking water and a pledge to not consume single-use plastics. How could we cross Asia - notorious for poor drinking water and choking with plastic waste - without consuming plastic PET bottles of water?

I reached out to Paddy Pallin and explained our cause, and the team loved the concept and offered a helping hand. So last weekend, Remy, the boys and I popped up to Brisbane, a mere three-hour drive from Byron Bay, to get fitted with new rucksacks for the trip, hydration packs for the kids, lifetime warranty socks to keep our sole transportation devices, our feet, warm and dry, and to pick up perhaps the coolest travel item I have ever owned, the SteriPen, a UV water filtration 'pen' that charges with a USB and over its lifetime saves the user from consuming 16,000 plastic bottles. Best yet, it has a lifetime warranty; if you reach the end of its 8,000 charge cycles, the company will replace your pen with a new one.

We Vlogged our journey up to Brisbane and a first-test of the SteriPen. Check it out below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel (and turn on notifications) to follow our journey as it unfolds in a couple of days.