Jaipur was our first destination of the 'Crossing Asia' adventure (with no planes, no plastics, and two kids!), and just a few days felt like a few weeks.

Arriving at midnight on Scoot Airlines from the Gold Coast via our layover in Singapore, I was not at all surprised to find our hotel transport was not there to greet us with a shady handmade sign bearing 'Angie Davis and Remy Richard' in smudgy black texta. Shame. Nevertheless, being my second trip to India, I had presumed this would be the case, and thus did not panic at all. Rather, it felt like the adventures were all beginning with the necessary 'happenings' (or 'not' happenings) that make India, well, that place you love and hate at every moment all at the same time. 

Funnily enough the fixed-price registered taxi that we succumbed to directly out front of the airport exit doors offered us a cheaper price than the hotel had promised. Winning. We met our bobble-headed driver and were soon whisked away into Jaipur's rather fresh, orange-lit night air.

Ahh, India. It felt good to be back.

Compared to my first arrival in India eight years prior, when I was pregnant with Ryder (now sitting by my side with boggle eyes taking in this strange yet seductive place ), I had landed in Delhi, and started my trip scared shitless. This time around I felt seasoned. I knew how to do India. Come on, bring it.

Our hotel, unlike that last time in Delhi, was better than I had gauged from the booking.com photos when I had booked a few weeks earlier (I like to book a hotel for the first couple of days when arriving into a new city at night, period). It offered clean rooms, check, a rooftop restaurant, check, and toilet paper. Bonus! We liked to so much we extended our stay an extra night, staying three in total, and took to settling in to our new home, taking off for long days exploring the city.

Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur, in comparison to those years prior in Delhi, was, how can I put this, easy! Ok yes we were getting ripped off every time we breathed in a Tuk Tuk, and yes the streets were ear-piercingly noisy, dirty, and we counted more animals than we probably should have in the confinements of a major Indian city, but it was all so exhilarating and our movements all seemed to flow quite nicely. Heck, our Tuk Tuk driver (who we totally overpaid) even took us to a local textile factory where we saw men, yes men, stamping hand made fabrics with local dyes made from vegetables. For us vegans this was the jackpot!

Hand printing with natural dyes at a textile factory in Jaipur

Hand printing with natural dyes at a textile factory in Jaipur

Now if you've been following our journey on social media, you will 1. notice that this blog post is weeks behind the actual events (apologies, the WiFi access and time to sit and write has been, well, as thin as uncle Brenton's crew cut), and 2. that we are completing our trip using no plastic drink bottles. AKA, no PETs. Now this made for interesting hydration experiences in India. Think 40°C heat, warm tap water, and a UV filter that kills all the bad things, except, you guessed it, the taste. 

Nevertheless I was proud of us for sticking to our plan from day one, hell if we had of caved on the first day I may as well have packed up and started flying all over the country (we are doing the trip with no planes, too), so I am happy we stuck to the plan.

You might also recall, if you're over the social airwaves, that I am attempting to daily VLOG, well as close to daily as possible, the entire journey. And lucky for you, the first two videos, shot in Jaipur, are edited and live on YouTube. Now if you'll forgive me I'd best be getting back to the five-week back log of edits so that I can keep slinging you some interesting content to view!

Hunter loving the Tuk Tuks

Hunter loving the Tuk Tuks

If you go

We stayed at: Hotel Kalyan

We flew (the only planes of the trip) Gold Coast to Jaipur via Singapore with: Scoot Airlines

We are avoiding plastics by using: Steripen UV Filter

A floating palace!

A floating palace!

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