So as I sit down to start this new blog series, ‘Gypsy Journeys’, I’m approaching it in a completely different way from the rest of the content on The Anicca Way. As a professional writer, producer and director, my work is all highly curated content. This blog series is to be the opposite of that. Raw, unedited, write and POST style blogging straight from the heart.

Some days you may hear from me multiple times, some days not at all, but I am going to try and make a conscious effort to sit and write each day. And the subject matter? Well be ready for a wild journey of everything! You can probably expect a mix of everything The Anicca Way promotes: health, wellness, healing, travel, yoga, outdoors, adventure, women in tech, creativity, sisterhood, men and women, kids…and probably a lot in between.

One topic I will touch on in my musings is domestic violence, something I lived through for almost a decade, well over a decade if you include the ongoing emotional trauma I am still exposed to today with my ex husband. But I won’t be writing from a victim state (at least I don’t intend to…), and as I am aware that many of you reading this will be sensitive to domestic violence in some way - 3 in 5 women to be precise - I will try and refrain from details of the violence I was exposed to during those dark years (perhaps that’s a book waiting to be written?). Instead, I will be writing about my experience as someone who lived through a very turbulent karmic relationship, and what I’ve learned through that journey, how I heal (it’s ongoing), and what I’m working on to try and make a difference (check out our page First We Walk, our non-profit arm of The Anicca Way supporting survivors of gender-based violence).

Today, I’m in a freaking good mood after a really emotional day yesterday. This moon, she’s full today/tonight, has certainly brought some emotions to the surface, and I hear the same is happening for many friends. I like to view my emotions as my friends, something that I’m learning more about each day, and a new book I’m reading “The Language of Emotions” by Karla McLaren has opened my eyes up greatly in this field. E-motion, ‘energy in motion’, is such an interesting topic, and we touch on the feminine/masculine aspects of this area in the first Anicca Webinar with Briana Cavion, founder of Wholelife NLP - don’t miss this one we are posting it live on YouTube today and Podcast should be ready soon also!

It’s funny how society has outlawed emotions, and especially with women we are viewed as weak or high maintenance if we let ours out in public. So now we have this huge problem of human beings suppressing their emotions, which is hugely damaging. I’m not going to go too deep into the subject here, as I’m still learning how to feel and process my own, but I’ll share with you what’s been working for me lately:

    •    Feel the emotion as it hits, and where it hits, i.e. ‘sadness’ in the ‘chest’. If there are tears, let them flow and visualize this pain leaving from your body outwardly into the vast ocean of Mother Nature who is there to receive the burdens you do not need to carry;
    •    Sit with it, and don’t react - one thing that can help here is to identify which part of the brain this feeling/thought is coming from, this will help you from making irrational emotional-driven or reptilian/instinctive reactions. Get your journal out and ask yourself high quality questions: what can I do to turn this feeling/thought/emotion around? What need has not been met to bring on this emotion and what do I need to offer myself to meet this need (this is a self-love exercise, your happiness cannot come from an external source);
    •    Be grateful for the lesson you are receiving. This is an opportunity to grow. Change your perception of something and the something changes. The turbulence will pass and you will be one step forward in your evolution. How beautiful is that!

When you have a process, it’s amazing how much easier and quicker you can work through these painful emotions when they surface. Today I woke with a newfound vigor, and jogged to the Lennox Head lookout on sunrise. I’ve been a relatively fit person my whole life, played competitive sports throughout my childhood, and fitness and exercise has come really easily for me. I loved sports growing up, yet I never had a burning desire to be a sports champion. I am grateful for the hard training regimes I was put through as a young girl, particularly in gymnastics, and the sense of community that came with elite sports training and competition.

Now at 34, I am approaching fitness from a whole new lens. Since quitting alcohol almost a year ago, and switching to a plant-based diet (I’ve been vegan almost a year and LOVE the transformation!) I’ve maintained a daily yoga practice as much as possible (it gets shorter when I’m travelling but I always try and find time to do a few asanas) but I’m now craving more. Perhaps its all a wonderful spin off of a clean internal vessel, coupled with the Wim Hof Method breathing I do three rounds of each morning (plus daily cold showers), but I have this renewed energy and a craving for strength and endurance training and it is coming from a place of awakening the wild woman warrior within. I’ll touch on this another day, and will also share some resources on how to awaken this warrior woman, your goddess within, but I can tell you that a strong physical vessel is a powerful way to charge your strong mental state.

Repetition is essential if you want to see progress in your training, but as a creative I just love to mix it up. I’ll share with you my daily (no promises!) training sets as they’re quite easy and everyone can adopt them to suit their own needs and environment. I am not a professional trainer, so don’t take my word as fitness gospel, and I do what works for my body and go deep into my body to feel and listen to her as I train so it’s important you start to get to know your body well too.

Today’s set:

    •    45minute run of which about half was all inclining;
    •    Wim Hof Breathing in between - when I reached the top of the lookout, I did three rounds of the WHM standing up overlooking the sunrise and the ocean, visualizing the ocean receiving and cleansing each of my exhalations;
    •    20-30minutes of asanas on the Yoga mat at home, mostly sun salutations, but I focussed on core, legs, and stretching today. I always throw in a backbend to open the heart and as this is an area I used to have great flexibility as a gymnast and have lost a lot of it today I am working daily to get this flexibility back;
    •    3 x 20 reps of shadow boxing with stretch bands - many people use weights which can be extremely damaging to your shoulders. You want to first lubricate the shoulders by warming up on each side with no bands, then graduate to the bands for the resistance training. This practice was taught to me by my soul friend and Colombian professional Muay Thai fighter Daniel Silva (Dany is hosting martial arts classes at our Anicca Retreats program Togat Flow in the Mentawai Islands in October this year, you won’t want to miss it, epic surf and his teachings are beautiful and rare in the martial arts world!);
    •    3 x 10 reps of Lunges with 1kg weights - I would use heavier but that’s all I could find in the house we are staying.


    •    Half a lemon squeezed into hot water and a cap of organic apple cider vinegar - to kick start digestion;
    •    Freshly made cold pressed juice of Beetroot, carrots, celery, kiwi fruit, and lime.

So that’s the day so far. It was pretty grounding to stand up the top of the lookout this morning, in the village I have held so many memories both blissful and painful, and allowed myself to feel ‘home’ again. Watching the ocean swelling, I contemplated just how vital she is; all her moving parts working together to cleanse our Earth, connecting all land masses and thus all living beings, infinite energy in this vast body of water.

What a miracle, what a blessing, what an honor it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience, that enables us to contemplate the elements and appreciate their true beauty and how much we rely on their existence for our own.

Have a great day wherever you are on this amazing planet.

Know that I love you all and you are loved.


Lennox Head beach on sunset this morning. Pic: Angie Davis.

Lennox Head beach on sunset this morning. Pic: Angie Davis.