It's all fun and games until nits join the party. 

It's all fun and games until nits join the party. 

You meet the boy, fall in love, he accepts your 'baggage' aka two kids under seven (living in tents that occasionally flood...) and after a few months decide to hit the road for an 8,000km epic road trip north as a foursome only to discover a few days in that you're all infested with head lice.


Now my mother was a hairdresser for over 30 years, and in my childhood I never had nits, not even once. Ironically Remy's mum too was a hairdresser, and yup, he never had nits either.  

Over the 10 months the kids and I were traveling last year, they didn't have nits. Hello Lennox Head, you have a head lice epidemic! 

This year has been the worst, I even shaved my boys' heads and they still re-infested. 

The problem is when the little buggers spread into my long, wild, wavy hair...I'm doomed. I barely get a brush through my hair once a month let alone one of those minute-teethed nit combs. Impossible.

But when Remy started scratching like a dog with fleas, enough was enough. 


You all know I'm a natural girl so of course I've been treating nits with the likes of tea tree oil and organic conditioners, and yes, those bloody combs. But with all of us whisking our fingers through our hair constantly scratching on the road trip, it was time for the big guns: KP24. 

"I told you so" piped my mum on the phone. Yeah yeah whatever...I'm desperate. 

$44 later, I'm back at our tentsite at Mission Beach lining up the troops and dousing our heads with the treatment. 

It. Did. Not. Work. 


I've done three treatments on myself in two weeks and those little buggers will not die. They've evolved, super nits and indestructible. I'm at my wits end. I'm shaving the kids heads again, but I'm not going bald for the cause! 

I'm not taking these little suckers to India, so we have eight weeks to eliminate completely! 

What to do! 


What is your go-to nit plan?