I have been avoiding surfing like the plague. I am not kidding, it's actually got to the point where I don't think I can call myself a surfer anymore. Since I witnessed the shark attack and death of my friend Tadashi two years ago, I have struggled to get back into the daily flow of surfing. Excuses fill up easily, and I just have not managed to get back into the swing of things.

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To be honest, it doesn't bother me much. I love surfing and it will always be in my life, I have simply lost the passion to surf everyday. I have yoga, creativity, and I still manage to jump in the ocean often, so I don't feel I am missing out.

I have pangs of guilt that I don't take my sons surfing anymore, as there was a time when I was religiously taking them to the beach every Saturday. Remy actually dragged me away from my laptop yesterday, and down to Broken Head, whilst I decided I would raise some low vibes and start whinging about the wind and the busy car park. It's funny how nature, and kids, can change your vibes in an instant - from one side to the other and reverse!

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After lying on the beach for a while soaking up some sun - and secretly loving every minute of it - Ryder came and asked me if I would take him surfing. When your son asks you to take him surfing, you don't say no, ever. This is my 101 active mama rule and I stick to it. So, wind chop and all, out we waded into waist deep water and had an absolute ball.

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I love creating content so much, and kick myself that I haven't been filming the past 10 years of my life, but it's never too late to share the journey and by committing to you guys to produce regular Vlogs and blogs, it actually inspires me to live more outside the box than ever!

So here is a little edit from our surf session, and a lovely reminder that sometimes the things you just don't want to do are what you need to do because you'll feel so much better after it. Surfing, yoga, meditation...just do it!