Under promise, over deliver. A concept I've had to really learn over the years, where growing up my father always expected the best from me and heaven forbid I should fall short of perfect. It's a great practice though, to be sure of your promise, then deliver above that, and is relevant in all areas of life, from business to creative to relationships.

When Remy and I met, I was a single mum sole parent living in a tipi, with no possessions but a car, surfboard, books and a suitcase of clothes. I couldn't offer much materially, and raising two kids whilst running my own freelance creative business meant money wasn't quite abundant, but I do remember thinking (and I probably said it aloud): "I don't know where we're going together, and I have no expectations, but I promise you it won't be boring."

In four months we've lived together in my gypsy palace tipi, chased waterfalls, covered 8,000kms and 14 campsites in Far North Queensland, went to Sydney for a charity Gala with Tibetan and Japanese musicians, and in just over a month we start a four month journey #crossingasia between India and Japan, trekking the Himalayas, playing music with kids in rural schools, testing virtual reality, and trying to do it all without planes and plastic free. I'm not quite sure what's going to come from this trip, but intuition tells me it's going to be nothing short of boring.