Monday Morning:

4am Wakeup

5am Drive Remy to work

6am Yoga and Check emails

7am Cook vegan pancakes for the kids

8am Editing vlogs

9am Journey down to Broken Head Beach to join the Divine Goddess Yoga Products team on their campaign shoot, kids in tow (school holidays)

9-9:45am Shoot behind the scenes video footage for VLOG

10am Run off to pick Remy up from work (car sharing blues)

11am Start editing

12pm Start the rest of my work day

Mamas, struggling to find time? It's easy to fall into the cycle of excuses. Juggling shit can be hard, but we are truly capable of more than we realize.

Resilience is a double edged sword. It kept me in an abusive marriage for 10 years. Now it is the fuel I need to pack as much as I can into my days to achieve all I want, and can.

Life is not a rehearsal, it's happening now.

Be resourceful, start today, and start saying 'I can' instead of "I need more time."

Stay healthy, never compromise on health, but note that the fitter, stronger and healthier you become, the more energy you will have and energy = time.

Enjoy the Vlog!

Thank you Divine Goddess Yoga Products for inviting me to be a part of your campaign, the collection looks absolutely gorgeous.