First thing's first, I am committing to a solid effort to regularly blog from here on in.

So here's goes it. Rather than give a blow by blow update on the past six months of our Gypsy Journeys (go check out my YouTube channel and keep an eye out for more vids from our recent trip in Asia), let's just say for now that following our #crossingasia adventures, we landed back in Australia in early February and havebeen laying low in my hometown of Adelaide. By laying low I mean shaking our booties at Womadelaide and shooting some 360 video for my talented Aunty Evelyn Roth, reading a ton, indulging the festivities of the Fringe Festival, and frolicking in the dazzling Adelaide metro beaches. 

Today, we packed up our Toyota Prius and once again hit the road. As of today, I am a homeless CEO, and I couldn't be happier. Our bigger goal is Montreal, Canada. Today is the first step in a short process to get us there. After 18months of learning and yearning in immersive media, I am slowly cooking up a dream start-up with Montreal-based creative super mama Paula Toledo. More to come on this, but in the meantime check out our instagram and twitter at @welltechinnov.

Teleported in the Aussie bush. I just love VR.

Teleported in the Aussie bush. I just love VR.

We kicked off the first of our two-day road trip from South Australia to New South Wales at 4am, with a solid 14hours of driving to land in Parkes for the night. Tomorrow we are off again at 4am, bound for Lennox Head, where we will be surprising the kids with a few weeks of catching up with friends whilst Remy gets kicked out of Oz (visa) to NZ and I begin logistical planning for Montreal.

Did I mention tomorrow we are off at 4am? I did, yep. Well, lucky for you, my droppy eyelids are begging me to log off, so I will spare you my shockingly crappy review of the Newell Highway Caravan Park - do not stay here, even in a cabin (we booked the family cabin for "2 adults and 2 kids" on booking dot com, then got pinged by the not-so-friendly Chinese owner for extra money for the kids)...

Bon nui (French spelling may not be on point).