Let's start with the cliche, 'home is where the heart is.' We made the journey back to Lennox Head, surprising the boys and then all their friends. Ryder nearly cried. Hunter almost peed his pants. Lennox is, after all, the longest place they've ever 'lived' despite the continuous moves and overseas travels. But what makes this place truly special is the group of friends the boys have made over the years, a group that I am certain will be in each others' lives no matter how far the distance, no matter how far each of them eventually roam.

The first day back I felt that familiar feeling of nostalgia. After six months away, it felt like we'd never left. The sultry air, the hypnotic sound of crashing waves, the birds at dawn that wake me for my sunrise walk to the point and early swim...By the second day, nostalgia had turned to a lump in my chest, a strange sensation that made me feel uneasy. For some reason that I am yet to fully understand, I have never felt completely 'at home' here in Lennox Head, and I began to question "why?" and try to uncover what might be wrong with me that I can not seem to just bunker down in one place. It only took a few moments to remind myself this line of questioning is indeed pure madness. I have learnt over the years of travel and through many experiences that being grounded in heart can allow you to feel at home all over the world.

With Remy's final days in Australia approaching - his visa is expiring this week and he's bound for New Zealand before we all meet in Montreal at the end of the month - we have been spending as much time visiting friends and catching rays at the beach as possible. The constant movement has been exhausting, so today we opted for a quiet visit out to local waterfalls with our dear friend Cade.

Cade is a beautiful young man with an old soul. Not only does he make the best chai in the world - this is no joke, we have crawled the globe searching for a better chai latte and we are yet to discover a better brew than his - but he is also one of the most grounded and inspiring individuals we have met along the path. A fellow traveller, both internally and externally, I could spend hours chatting with Cade and today we certainly did.

After a dip in the freshwater swimming hole, I felt completely energized, a stark contrast to the lethargy I felt after a morning in the sun at the beach. Last year upon return from huge travels overseas, I made a commitment to spend more time inland visiting waterfalls and connecting with the energy of the lush rainforest that surrounds us here in the Northern Rivers. These visits gave me an opportunity to hit refresh on Sundays, giving me a booster that would continue through for the rest of the week.

With Remy leaving for three weeks, our biggest separation since we met, I will be making regular waterfall visits a part of my weekly routine, knowing that how I fuel my body and mind is a matter of conscious choices that I am making every day, every hour, every minute, every breath.

It is this grounding of heart that gives me peace, and trust in the journey ahead.



With my love, Remy, at a local waterfall near Lennox Head. Pic: Cade McConnell

With my love, Remy, at a local waterfall near Lennox Head. Pic: Cade McConnell