Why we need to be kind but not nice


Why we need to be kind but not nice

Humanity is in agony. We are stuck in a repetitive pattern, halfway through 2017 and still discussing border protection, yet borders are the greatest illusion. Take a look at your body in the mirror, run your fingers over every inch of your skin. Where does it say: "I am Australian?" or "I am French?" or "I am half this and half that?"

It is 2017 and we are still discussing gender inequality, yet we have all been both male and female spanning many incarnations within the multiverse. Gender inequality is another illusion.

We are all dense concentrations of everything that surrounds us, and we are concentrated via our consciousness. Your consciousness is like the operating system, and the programs in a computer. Your soul is like the electricity that powers the computer. Sometimes the computer needs a re-boot.

What is right now is right now.

Let me use right now, right now.

These are the tools of right now.

Let me use these tools right now.

Let me solve these issues right now.

Because, it is, right now.

If what you have been dong has not changed what is right now, and what is right now seems to be a repeat, as though the history has not changed, or the presence is still the same, then you are not doing something that you know how to do.

We have to take on the attitude that of: "I know how to fix this!", not "why haven't I fixed this?", or "why is this still happening?" Because these latter questions are using up your time, and time is the only thing you own. Everything else is a rental that you can give back when your life is over.

We must become the pioneers that create the change. We are all prophets in the 21st century. Creating the change is your assignment. We need to be kind, but not nice. Nice does not disrupt. Nice is easy. Fair is more difficult.

Get ready to be a significant, radical disruptor. That is what we are. Our task is to disturb the status quo.

How much courage do you need to move from where you are to who you are?

Recognize that THAT courage is available to you, it has been all along, and is right there if you care to believe in it and care to observe it.

Who wants to volunteer to be the person you were born to be?

I'm raising my hand, will you join me?

Paraphrased from Guru Singh's podcast lecture: Break the myth, be a Master



Are your expectations stopping you from getting what you want?


Are your expectations stopping you from getting what you want?

Expectations about the future are what holds so many of us back from achieving true success and wealth in life. Changing your expectations to focus on what you WANT instead of what you expect can significantly change your life.

Unfortunately many of us hold negativity around our expectations, i.e. "It's probably never going to happen", or "I'm just going to be disappointed", or "it will never work."

You may blame the past for your doubts, fears and insecurities, but it's not the past that holds you back, instead it is your expectations of the future.

Here's a simple exercise that can radically change your thought patterns and help you cultivate daily focus around what you want and what you need to do to get it.

Answer these three questions based on different expectations in your life (i.e. a new business venture, relationship, yoga practice, losing weight):

1. How is what I'm expecting making me feel? (scared, nervous, anxiety, overwhelmed, happy, sad, defeated, motivated?)

2. What would I like to have happen instead?

3. What do I need to do to make what I want to happen?

These three questions and your answers can radically shift your expectations to wants and create a huge energetic shift in yourself, putting your focus on what you want and what you need to do to make that happen. Remember, you are infinite potential; everything you want is already inside of you.

Change your story, change your life.


Magic breath and how to use it

Magic breath and how to use it

Just breathe.

Oh how magical it is to return to breath to calm ourselves down, deal with stressful situations, feel into our emotions without reacting, and even birth a child in natural flow.

The power of the breath is phenomenal, after all it's our life force that keeps us alive, and when we use it properly it promotes incredible inner peace, connection with the whole, and longevity.

This current solar eclipse is a turbulent time for many of us. It could feel like your world is falling apart, or you're trapped in the same habit cycles over again, or perhaps you feel stagnated and are unsure how to move forward. Yet in this turbulence we are given a greater opportunity to grow and strengthen, and it all starts with our return to the breath.

But just how easy is it to breath properly? And what is the correct method that you should adapt in not only these times of uncertainty but as an everyday practice? I've been asked about how easy it is to sit and just "feel" by one of our Instagram followers today, and it certainly is a fair question. Many healers and astrologers will advise us to sit with the breath over the next few days, combined with writing down our manifestations and intentions for the next six months to truly take in the energy of the eclipse. In particular, writing about how your manifestations will make you feel will have a much more profound result than simply jotting down a list of things you want to do or achieve. 

So back to the breath. Where the hell do we start? Well first, let's look simply at what is happening to our mind-body connection when our life is suddenly filled with turbulence. On the physical level, we are likely to see an elevation in our heart rate, or for a better word, we start to feel anxiety. Most of us react once we reach this state either in fight or flight mode, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Learning how to stimulate your vagus nerve, which acts as the mind-body connection and controls your relaxation response, will serve you wonderfully in life. The vagus nerve is the most important element of the parasympathetic nervous system; the one that calms you down by controlling your relaxation response. The vagus nerve connects your heart's emotions and gut instincts, and by activating the calming nervous pathways of the parasympathetic system you'll learn a valuable skill in managing your mind state and anxiety levels.

Ujjayi breathing

Some might know this technique from yoga classes, and it is most certainly a breath associated with many yoga and Taoist practices, as well as some forms of Taoist Qigong. You are able to stimulate your vagus nerve with Ujjayi, and it has certainly become my turbulence "go to" breath -  I am the first to admit that I don't use it enough but this eclipse has brought up situations in my life where I've had to dig deep into my Ujjayi breath and the results are somewhat magical.

Ujjayi breath begins as you first fill the lower belly with breath through the nose which activates the first and second chakras, then move the breath up toward the lower rib cage activating the third and fourth chakras, and finally move the breath right up into the upper chest and throat.

Also known as the "ocean breath", both inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose and as your glottis in the throat passage is narrowed as the air passes in and out a deep "ghhhh" sound is expelled.

Here's the time and speed that I like to practice which will have profound results on calming your body and mind and strengthening your diaphragm:

Breathe in for four counts;

Hold for four;

Breathe out for four.

Repeat for 8 rounds. 

I find the best time to turn to this breath is when you start to feel your heart beat rising and emotions churn inside your body. Before you react, go immediately to the breath. A round of 8 counts of Ujjayi will calm you down to a place where you can then continue for more rounds of 8 and sit in inner peace until the turbulence subsides. By bringing this practice into your daily routine you will learn how to not only apply it in times of stress, but also you'll notice your daily levels of calm increase. This is the beginning of your path of ultimate surrender, living in tune with your body and not being overwhelmed by your thoughts, thus allowing you to act out of love and not reaction.

Dive Deeper

So now you have a simple tool to use whenever emotions arise and you feel your thoughts taking control. But what about diving deeper? Last year I was first introduced to the charismatic, inspiring and brave soul "The Ice Man" Wim Hof thanks to a great special by VICE.

With a swag of Guinness Book of Records for withstanding extreme temperatures, Wim has become somewhat of a household name, having climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes, stayed comfortably in ice baths for hours, and run a full marathon in the highest desert (50 degrees celsius, 122 Fahrenheit) with no water or food.

The key to his daredevil successes is through the use of a breathing technique that allows you to control the autonomous systems of the body. He dubbed it: "The Wim Hof Method,"

An incredible aspect of Wim's breathing method, discovered after he suffered extreme trauma following the suicide of his wife who suffered greatly from depression, is the ability for the practitioner to consciously control the immune system to fight off diseases. Our immune system plays a significant role in almost all devastating diseases plaguing the modern world, and finding a way to improve it can help us discover new avenues for medicine.

Whilst Wim has studied yoga and meditation for many years, The Wim Hof Method is something else entirely, and is a gift, he believes, from "cold hard nature." By subjecting himself to the bitter conditions of nature, he learned to withstand the extreme forces of cold, heat and fear. Wim has been working hard with scientists and university students to prove beyond any doubt that this method and its results are available for anyone.

The first part is a breathing exercise which can be likened to controlled hyperventilation, but rather than this breath pattern being involuntary, The Wim Hof Method invigorates and makes us high on oxygen without being triggered by stress or circumstance. The result is complete oxygenation of your blood and cells.

The easiest way to learn and practice this on a daily basis is by downloading The Wim Hof Method App. 

So there you have a little bit more knowledge of the breath and the magic it can add to your life. I hope you'll bring these practices into your daily routine and remember that a clean vessel will only raise the sensitivity of the connection between body and mind making it easier for you to become aware of when you're feeling overwhelmed with thoughts, stress, and turbulence. A plant-based diet will enhance this sensitivity and help you come home to the breath more frequently and effectively.

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Extended fasting – popping the cherry (with a side of emotions)


Extended fasting – popping the cherry (with a side of emotions)

I will open with a confession: I have never considered fasting as a routine health maintenance program. It’s not that I have had the fasting blinkers on, but rather that I’ve always struggled with weight-gain and thus presumed fasting would be dangerous to my skeleton frame. More recently my partner Daniel, vegan professional Muay Thai athlete, began diving into fasting articles online, and dappling with a monthly water fast routine on the New Moon, so the topic was hot on our ‘pillow-talk’ menu when a Facebook post promoting Tyler Tolman’s fasting seminar in Adelaide sprung up on my feed.  We bought tickets, and joined over 700 health-conscious Adelaidians at the Adelaide Convention Centre to hear Tyler’s energetic talk filled with eye-opening information about the correlation between emotion and disease, and fasting and healing.

If you’re new to The Anicca Way, you’ll learn here that I am a domestic violence survivor. Whilst having always been an active, sporty and adventurous girl and woman with a fairly rounded awareness of health and nutrition, I have over a decade of stored emotional trauma from domestic violence that I have been working tirelessly to ‘heal’ over the past two years. My initial period of ‘freedom’ included a solid year of partying, triggering a roller coaster of emotions from complete sadness to ecstatic joy to boiling anger. Realizing I was pushing myself further into a vortex of toxicity, whilst simultaneously noticing some severe symptoms of candida overgrowth (ceaseless cough, restless legs, nightmares, red and white skin spots, constant bloating, and, the elephant-in-the-room…thrush), I finally declared enough of the bullshit and vowed to turn my life around. Daniel, being a vegan athlete who had given up alcohol some time before, was, and still is, a major rock supporting my transformation.

So this day we walked into Tyler Tolman’s seminar, I was celebrating six-months in since turning vegan, and almost a year without alcohol consumption. My ears, and stomach, were finally ready to listen seriously about fasting for healing.

My first 24-hour fast went off without a hitch, finishing my last meal at 3pm, flushing my system with water only, and breaking the fast with a green smoothie the following afternoon before a clean, wholesome meal. My second fasting experience went for 48-hours, and proved to be nothing like the first, and I’ll share what happened with you here. 

Again, I finished my last meal at 3pm after a solid two days of ‘vegan gains’ at the Adelaide Vegan Festival. Daniel and I committed to this extended fast together, and his job was to prepare multiple litres of boiled rain water for us to consume throughout the fast. The first 24 hours went off without a hitch, and similar to my first fast I went this entire period frequently urinating, failing to pooh, and experiencing no hunger pains even when cooking the kids’ dinner on both evenings. On the second evening, so around 27 hours into the fast, my calm state was challenged with some unpleasant emails from my ex-husband, triggering defensive, angry emotions from deep within my belly – what happened next fascinated me.

By 9pm I was in tears in my mother’s arms, opening up to her with untold tales of the violence I endured in my previous marriage, weeping like a baby in between angry rants. In bed by 10pm, I couldn’t sleep, feeling restless and passing the time aimlessly on my phone flicking through social media. Just past 1am, a surge of nausea swept through me, and I woke Daniel complaining of intense stomach pains and restless legs, and explaining how I felt it would be safest if I broke the fast first thing the next morning. Daniel, ever the optimist, reminded me of the body’s sensitivity during extended fasting, particularly with releasing stored emotions that have perhaps been evolving into physical disease, and opened a Tyler Tolman article on fasting and emotions (https://www.tylertolman.com/health-articles/dealing-with-emotions/), quoting:

“When you do a fast, you can’t stop dealing with your emotions, you can't suppress your emotions through food anymore. As the detox process takes place and fat is broken down and used for fuel, these old emotions are gonna come up and come out. Many people during a fast find themselves breaking down and crying…It’s a very humbling experience, and a beautiful time of release.

The important thing here is to be CONSCIOUS that the fast is going to bring emotions up and that’s a good thing. A lot of times people are unaware of this. If you don’t know that emotions might come up you might start thinking, "Whoa! This fasting isn’t good for me! I need to eat! I can’t do this. I need to break this fast”. And the reality is when you push through these emotions you will get the real rewards. It’s like layers of the onion opening up, and you are truly digging deeper to the essence of who you are.”

These were exactly the words I needed to hear. I began to focus my attention to the physical sensations sweeping my body. Warm, tingly energetic vibrations covered every inch of my skin, and were exceptionally active around my fingertips. I visualized my emotions leaving my body through my fingertips, awed at what was happening as a result of my fast and the timing my ex-husband’s emails had come into my life, feeling joy (despite immense stomach pain) to be releasing emotionally-fueled toxins from my body. The stomach pains turned into a pooh alert and I made it to the toilet just in time to excrete, three visits in a half hour, but with little relief. Another half hour later, I felt the rising sensation of vomit creeping up into my throat, and again I made it to the toilet with little time to spare, this time spewing up liters and liters of yellow-ish, acidic bile, a fluid produced in the liver and passed to the small intestine to help us absorb fats from food. Returning to bed, my throat was burning from the violent vomiting, yet I felt elated. This feeling lasted barely moments, however, and next thing Daniel recalls is me curling up into a little ball, sobbing like a five-year-old girl: “You were crying in a voice I have not heard before, high pitched as if a child.”

I finally fell asleep around 4am, exhausted. The next morning I felt physically weak, but emotionally cleansed; a sense of calm hovered like a ray of sunshine projecting down to Earth through scattered rain clouds. Around 10am we switched from water to a liter each of coconut water, and by noon I was breaking the fast with a smoothie followed by a plate of vegan rice noodles and veggies at the Adelaide Central Markets. In hindsight I should’ve avoided an oily noodle dish, but I could only stomach a third of my plate and took the leftovers home for dinner. It took around 24 hours to build my appetite back up to normal, energy levels following suit, but the mental clarity and motivation that proceeded this extended fast astounded me.

There is no doubt in my mind that during this fast I expelled built-up toxins fuelled by deeply stored emotional trauma. I feel incredibly grateful for this experience, and look forward to regular fasting and its incredible health benefits. In fact, we are launching into a 3-day water fast, followed immediately by a 7-day juice fast, out here in La Mesa de Los Santos in Colombia, where we have just recently relocated, on this upcoming New Moon on November 28th. We'll be documenting the fast and look forward to sharing our experience with you soon.

Disclaimer – fasting can be dangerous if you are ill informed and unprepared. Be sure to consult a professional like Tyler Tolman, or start with light fasting programs such as intermittent fasting. For more information on Tyler’s fasting a d health programs, visit: https://www.tylertolman.com

Have you fasted before? How was your experience? Share with us in the comments below.


Adelaide's Vegan Gains


Adelaide's Vegan Gains

Drifting back to my hometown Adelaide for a couple months between travels, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how sustainably minded South Australian’s have become, and an exciting vegan movement taking the city by storm. By pure luck, Daniel and I happened to be in the city for the weekend of the Vegan Festival, joining in the celebrations and circumnavigating town for the best Vegan Gains on offer. Here are our favourites:



Two Bit Villains

We heard about this funky soda bar and vegan burger joint through the Vegan Festival, and set about exploring the menu, which to our surprise was loaded with fake meat burgers and vegan milkshakes. Perched atop Rundle Mall on the second floor of Adelaide’s iconic Rundle Arcade, Two Bit Villains hand makes easily the best vegan burgers in Adelaide, and the most likely to convert a meat-eater to go plant-based. After a couple of visits and sampling a good chunk of the menu, our favourites are the Picante Burger special, the El Bandido Burger with vegan cheese, and the Villains’ Classic Veggie Burger; definitely add onion rings on the side. The hand-crafted Botanical Sodas are an all-natural sparkling side kick, but if you’re keen to really indulge we highly recommend the choc-peanut thick shake done on soy.


Everything Vegan

Not a café as such, but rather an all-inclusive store on Goodwood Road just out of the CBD. This large shopfront is packed with vegan products, books, cosmetics, cleaning products, and a yummy selection of bakery items, our favourite treat the coconut whip ice cream with vegan chocolate sauce. The owners also have an animal sanctuary Freedom Hill Sanctuary, and the public can sponsor rescued farm animals via their online website.


Cruelty Free Bakery ‘Cherry Darlings’

Missing our tram stop one day, we jumped off at Forestville ready to backtrack to Goodwood when our eyes met with the sign ‘Cruelty Free Bakery’ and we marched right through the doors. What a find! The kids were falling over backwards for the ‘snackers’ donuts and vegan sausage rolls, whilst Daniel got stuck into the great range of freshly baked pies; all vegan and our top bakery picks for our kids who are still transitioning to a plant-based diet.


Raj on Taj

Not a vegan restaurant per say, but Raj on Taj has been my favourite Indian restaurant for decades, and since being back home to visit as a vegan I was pleasantly surprised to discover how accommodating the staff were for vegans, suggesting the best options on the menu and even altering some dishes to ensure they were dairy free. Meals are flavoursome and filling, our best Indian pick in greater Adelaide for vegans.


Goodies and Grains

I’ve been visiting the Central Markets on Gouger Street since I was four years old, worked in the centre bar Aces during my university days, and now back as a vegan mother I’m so delighted to confirm the markets are better than ever and a great family outing for vegans. Goodies and Grains stocks a huge range of natural products in bulk, from grains, legumes, flours, nuts, and seeds, to protein powders, muesli mixes, oils, vinegars, tofu, tempeh, cashew cheeses and more, with juices made to order at the main counter. Adjacent to the bulk foods store is their corner café, a place we’ve sampled much of the menu now, particularly the vegan cakes, pots of teas, and sustaining smoothies. Daniel’s number one menu winner is the Amazonia acai bowl smoothie, so much so he vows to order one of these before lunch, because he can’t wait til dessert.



Aqua Botanical

Not a shopfront, but by far the most exciting find in my opinion at the Vegan Festival. Aqua Botanicals are revolutionising the way we hydrate ourselves, minimizing the impact on the planet at the same time. The world’s first water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables, they produce fresh water from filtering and mineralising the aqueous liquid from the leftover juice concentrate discarded by juice producers. Whilst I am not a fan of buying water due to the impact of the bottled water industry on the environment, I dislike more my family consuming the fluoride found in Adelaide tap water. AB’s water comes in recyclable glass bottles and is doing a favour to the environment, so it’s our water of choice now and you can discover their full story online.


Loca Pops

What can I say…a family hit! Thank you Vegan Festival Adelaide for bringing so many amazing vendors together in Victoria Square. Loca Pops are made in the Mexican tradition of la paleta, a fruit based iceblock using fresh, local ingredients, of which Loca Pops source theirs only from locally grown fruits and herbs found in South Australia. Their environmental practices include onsite composting of all their fruit and waste, and pop wrappers from market and festival stalls are kept by the producers and sent away in bulk for recycling. The wooden pop sticks are produced from Australian certified plantation growth, retail packaging is paper based made and printed in SA, and the team works with Minda Inc. on packaging to support “people with intellectual disabilities on their journey towards enriched lives with greater community participation and contribution.” The latter was a bonus discovery for me, who was simply mindblown by how yummy the natural ice blocks were, as my cousin is intellectually handicapped. It’s great to see local businesses holding environmental and social ethics at their core.


The Acai Bowl at the Rogue and Rascal, Pt Lincoln.

The Acai Bowl at the Rogue and Rascal, Pt Lincoln.

And just out of town, in Pt Lincoln...

The Rogue and Rascal

Ok so it’s a fair drive, let’s say around seven hours from Adelaide, but if you’re venturing over to the Eyre Peninsula as we did, you’ll want to drop into Pt Lincoln’s thriving café The Rogue and Rascal. Not all items on the menu are vegan, but they certainly offer a good spread, and the vegan gains we sampled were A-grade. Daniel, in true form, opted for the acai bowl, whilst I went for a hummus and mushroom bagel, and the kids split a vegan banana and cinnamon smoothie. In hindsight I should’ve asked for a side of avocado to smear on top of the bagel as the hummus was a little strong for me, but after a week of camping in the desert these were some serious gains, and the almond chai tea also got my tick of approval.


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