Humanity is in agony. We are stuck in a repetitive pattern, halfway through 2017 and still discussing border protection, yet borders are the greatest illusion. Take a look at your body in the mirror, run your fingers over every inch of your skin. Where does it say: "I am Australian?" or "I am French?" or "I am half this and half that?"

It is 2017 and we are still discussing gender inequality, yet we have all been both male and female spanning many incarnations within the multiverse. Gender inequality is another illusion.

We are all dense concentrations of everything that surrounds us, and we are concentrated via our consciousness. Your consciousness is like the operating system, and the programs in a computer. Your soul is like the electricity that powers the computer. Sometimes the computer needs a re-boot.

What is right now is right now.

Let me use right now, right now.

These are the tools of right now.

Let me use these tools right now.

Let me solve these issues right now.

Because, it is, right now.

If what you have been dong has not changed what is right now, and what is right now seems to be a repeat, as though the history has not changed, or the presence is still the same, then you are not doing something that you know how to do.

We have to take on the attitude that of: "I know how to fix this!", not "why haven't I fixed this?", or "why is this still happening?" Because these latter questions are using up your time, and time is the only thing you own. Everything else is a rental that you can give back when your life is over.

We must become the pioneers that create the change. We are all prophets in the 21st century. Creating the change is your assignment. We need to be kind, but not nice. Nice does not disrupt. Nice is easy. Fair is more difficult.

Get ready to be a significant, radical disruptor. That is what we are. Our task is to disturb the status quo.

How much courage do you need to move from where you are to who you are?

Recognize that THAT courage is available to you, it has been all along, and is right there if you care to believe in it and care to observe it.

Who wants to volunteer to be the person you were born to be?

I'm raising my hand, will you join me?

Paraphrased from Guru Singh's podcast lecture: Break the myth, be a Master