We are humbled to bring to you The Anicca Webinars.

In our very first FREE webinar, we launch the first in a 10-part series with your host Angie Davis, founder of The Anicca Way, and our very special and talented friend, Briana Cavion, founder of Wholelife NLP.

In The Anicca Way Webinars: #1 Wholelife NLP Series Part 1. Masculine/Feminine Dynamics, we will be discussing:

• Masculine/feminine dynamics - what are they?
• How do we develop imbalances within these dynamics?;
• How our masculinity and femininity changes and develops within ourselves over time;
• How our emotions, feelings and decisions are affected within these dynamics including the quality of our relationships (including same-sex partnerships);
• Practical tools to bring ourselves back into harmony;
• and more!

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About our guest: Briana Cavion:

Briana Cavion earned her Masters Level at NLP Marin. Briana is known for her fluid style, deep intuition, and authentic connection. She has been described as “a leading transformational teacher who guides with grace, humor, and passion...”

She works 1x1 with select clients, leads The Power of a Woman - a twice a year Woman's Journey dedicated to empowerment, authentic sexuality, and developing sacred ritual in life, and mediates for growing businesses ready to bring Spirit, Sacred Service, and deep purpose into their work environments.

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