Immersive Media - Writer and Creative Director, VR/AR, 360 Video

Angie is an independent immersive media writer and creative director. Passionate about VR, AR and envisioning future worlds,  Angie's goal is to cultivate compassion through artistic storytelling and innovative projects. Traveling the world learning from nature and a diverse array of cultures, Angie's work encompasses the themes of wellbeing, women's health, travel, 360 documentary, climate change, sustainable development, education and music.

Angie worked closely on business development with female-founded start-up Temme Studios (NYC) on 360 Virtual Reality, Augmented, and Emerging Technology, and represented the studios at the United Nations Social Good Summit in New York City to premiere Temme’s 360 VR film Mothers of the Atlas.

In 2018, Angie co-founded WellTech Innovations with Paula Toledo, an immersive storytelling studio that uses VR and AR applications for mental health and wellbeing solutions. The pair have recently partnered with Liminal VR and are currently building experiences for global release this year.


Angie Davis | Creative Director (Film/TV/VR) | Writer | Producer




Magazines | Brands | Digital Media - Creative Director, Writer, Content Creator

Clients: Yahoo!7, The Carousel, Australian Natural Health Magazine, The Australian Travel & Indulgence, Australian Geographic Outdoor, VISA, Subaru, Qantas, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin, BLUE Magazine (Japan), Honey Magazine (Japan), Jetstar Magazine, and many more.


Co-Creator of Post-Graduate Storytelling and Transmedia Storytelling courses, Laureate International Universities.

Interested in collaborating? Contact angie@theaniccaway.com