Masculine Feminine Dynamics Webinar Podcast

A webinar with Wholelife NLP's Briana Cavion

"Our emotional body is the power of this planet. It's the rumbling of the lava, it's the shaking of the earth, it's the turning of the tides. It's 'energy in motion', 'e-motion'. - Briana Cavion, Wholelife NLP.

I first met Briana at a dinner in LA, and her aliveness when she entered the room was like a wave of electrifying goodness. We've been talking about working together for over two years since that first encounter, and finally we pulled our shit together to craft a 10-part webinar series and podcasts which is mostly an excuse to hang out for an hour each month together discussing really juicy themes.

This episode is a dive into Masculine/Feminine dynamics, or the Masc/Femme essence; understanding gender energies and framing perspective of who we see and relate to each other in the world.

We overview themes of:

* Attributes of both the masculine and feminine essences;
* Where in our human timeline did we move from a more balanced perspective to a hyper masculine world;
* How to re-connect with our pure essences;
* Practical resources to find balance within and understand and relate better with each other;
* How to reach high vibrationary self love, unconditional love, and the complimentary dance of energies;
* Ensuring that the main driver is principal consciousness;
* How balancing our essences benefits ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and ultimately the Planet.

Dive deeper resources:

Alison Armstrong PAX:

David Deida's 'The Way of the Superior Man':

'The Language of Emotions', by Karla McLaren, 'What your feelings are trying to tell you':

Breaking the Grip of Past Lovers by Jumana Sophia, a 21-day pelvic bowl cleansing online course:

Vipassana Meditation:


About our guest: Briana Cavion:

Briana Cavion ( earned her Masters Level at NLP Marin. Briana is known for her fluid style, deep intuition, and authentic connection. She has been described as “a leading transformational teacher who guides with grace, humor, and passion...”

She works 1x1 with select clients, leads The Power of a Woman - a twice a year Woman's Journey dedicated to empowerment, authentic sexuality, and developing sacred ritual in life, and mediates for growing businesses ready to bring Spirit, Sacred Service, and deep purpose into their work environments.

About The Anicca Way:

The Anicca Way was founded by Angie Davis (webinar and podcast host), an Australian travel and wellness journalist, filmmaker, mother, environmentalist, and domestic violence survivor. Angie’s global travels and personal healing journey unleashed a burning passion to share the stories of the inspiring people she has met on her path and go the further mile of providing a platform to reach out and support others.