The creative path is not an easy one, but your journey does not need to be a struggle. Whether you are a student of the arts, emerging filmmaker or writer, or entrenched in a creative profession, we can all benefit from coaching and mentorship along the way.

Standing on 15 years of creative industries experience, I offer fun, personal, and action-oriented one-on-one creativity coaching to help you on your path to creative success, specializing in working with creatives in film, media, writing, publishing, and creative entrepreneurship.

Combining my own experiences in overcoming creative challenges and a career of successful remote collaboration, I facilitate your creative process so you can release creative blocks and unlock your true potential.

Creative Hacks

Working with international teams while traveling the world full time with kids, I have developed handy creative hacks - insights and tools that work, a knowledge of bad habits that hinder progress, and a swag of resources to lean on throughout the creative process. These hacks are my ‘secret weapons’, and I’m here to share them with you so you too can get into flow, refine your creative process, and achieve creative success without necessary suffering.

Holistic Coaching

Our internal and external environments have an enormous impact on our creative process. I approach my coaching with a holistic approach, looking beyond just your creative blocks to assist you on your path to complete well being, balance, personal development and confidence. I teach you easy-to-implement strategies to re-energize your whole self, and your creative process.

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.
— Seneca

Creative process is a journey, not a destination!

When we are in the peak of our creative process, we experience immense flow that is often not appreciated until reflection. While having your book published, your film screened at the cinema, or your album shared online, it is ultimately the process of creating where we experience the greatest joy. My coaching approach is designed to help you enjoy the creative process, while learning strategies and tools to help you through the challenges along the way (which often lead to the greatest satisfaction in success!).

Positive Impact

We are all creative. Taking action to express your creative talents and chase your dreams is a sure-step to living a life authentic. Your creative process is not just a gift to yourself, but a gift to the world. Whether your project directly helps or inspires others, or you simply become a happier, more giving person due to the joy you receive from expressing your creativity, you are making a positive impact and we need more of that!

Ready to Realize Your Authentic Creative Self?

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