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Angie was the director, producer, and co-writer on The Laps TV. The first episode "The Laps: Tasmania" is currently playing on in-flight entertainment systems on Qantas, Jetstar, Singapore Airline, and TV channels and on-line streaming sites in multiple languages.

The episode follows Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp, two scruffy surfer dads from the East Coast of Australia, as they leave home to learn the secrets of a well-balanced life and aim to get back a connection with nature that has been lost with the advent of modern convenience.

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On her first trip to Peru in 2014, Angie discovered the little town of Lobitos along the far north coast, struggling to rebuild after a century of oil extraction. Inspired by the dreams of local surfer Harold Koechlin and friends, Angie wanted to make a cinematic surf/travel film to raise awareness and funds for Lobitos to help direct its more sustainable future. The film succeeded in assisting the Peruvians in raising over $10,000 USD to conduct marine studies that were then presented to the Government, and in a historical decision in 2017, the surf breaks of Lobitos were added to Peru's national registry of protected waves.

The film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Surf Film Festival, and has since featured in festivals all around the world. Double Barrel has been distributed globally in multiple languages including in-flight and regular TV, online streaming, Amazon, Vimeo On Demand, Garage Entertainment, Edge TV, and more channels.

VR & Immersive Storytelling

Writer and Creative Director, VR/AR, 360 Video

Angie is an independent immersive media writer and creative director. Passionate about VR, AR and envisioning future worlds,  Angie's goal is to cultivate compassion through artistic storytelling and innovative projects. Traveling the world learning from nature and a diverse array of cultures, Angie's work encompasses the themes of wellbeing, women's health, travel, 360 documentary, climate change, sustainable development, education and music.

Angie worked closely on business development with female-founded start-up Temme Studios (NYC) on 360 Virtual Reality, Augmented, and Emerging Technology, and represented the studios at the United Nations Social Good Summit in New York City to premiere Temme’s 360 VR film Mothers of the Atlas.



360 virtual tours, Vlogs

Angie’s 360 vlogs have gauged over 11,000 views on Veer VR. Angie’s immersive vlogs share side stories of her global travels as a digital nomad.

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Magazines | Brands | Digital Media

Creative Director, Writer, Content Creator and Marketing Specialist

Travel Editorial Contributor: Daily Addict

Clients: Yahoo!7, The Carousel, Australian Natural Health Magazine, The Australian Travel & Indulgence, Australian Geographic Outdoor, VISA, Subaru, Qantas, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin, BLUE Magazine (Japan), Honey Magazine (Japan), Jetstar Magazine, and many more.

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Co-Creator of Post-Graduate Storytelling and Transmedia Storytelling courses, Laureate International Universities.

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