Remy Richard was born in France but grew up in Africa, spending much of his youth in the Congo and Gabon, playing in nature, surfing, and living simply.

Remy later pursued engineering close to the ocean in Biarritz, in the south west of France, yet his heart yearned for more, thus he set out on a global path of self-discovery. During a six-month trip to Indonesia, Remy found himself living in a yoga center for three months in Ubud, Bali. Re-connecting with manual work after two years working behind a screen in a company, Remy felt at ease working in the gardens, learning asanas, meditation and practicing pranayama daily, surfing, taking photos and developing his blog in between. In Bali he also completed an introductory course in the Wim Hof Method, learning the power of overcoming fear through cold immersion and connecting the mind and body through conscious breathing. Here in Bali, a new more authentic life path began to unravel.

Following the unknown road to the Mentawai Islands, living off the grid and learning to appreciate the most simplistic gifts in life, Remy next found himself on a plane en route for Lennox Head Australia, where his is currently living, working, exploring, practicing the indigenous didgeridoo, playing guitar, and learning from children of many different cultures and parental backgrounds - the ultimate teachers.

Remy then met Angie and Cade in Lennox Head, and when he learned about the Nepal trek he knew instantly he would join, with much gratitude to share and learn from women and children of the world. Remy will contribute to the expedition by documenting his personal experience in photographs and on his blog in French, with a goal to do his part on this journey to spread unity consciousness.

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