10 days of eco-luxe, wellness, and world-class surf on your own private Mentawaiin island

Anicca Retreats presents this world-first FLOW surf retreat, welcoming you to join us on a private island for 10 days of surfing and wellness in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands.
Featuring a fully flexible program of unlimited free-surfing, and at-your-ready Vinyasa Yoga and Martial Arts Training with two experienced wellness professionals.


World-class surf breaks in your front yard.

Free surf transfers to the best waves of the day.

Maximum 8 guests at any time on the island to enhance your exclusive experience

FLOW Program

Surf out the front at Scarecrows or enjoy free surf transfers to nearby breaks

Daily Vinyasa FLOW Yoga with Brooke Hudson (Australia)

Daily Martial Arts FLOW training with professional Muay Thai fighter Daniel Silva (Colombia)

All-inclusive fresh island meals

Eco-luxe accommodation

Early Bird Bookings will receive a FREE health coaching consultation on Skype with Blaze Reedy (Australia) to get your body and mind into shape before your trip.

*Attend the FLOW Program at your leisure.

*Hosts will be available for personal consultations should you wish to go deeper in any practice or re-schedule a group class if the surf is pumping and you want to get barreled longer

Your Hosts

Ainsley and John Ocean

Owners, Togat Nusa Retreat

Brooke Hudson

Togat FLOW Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Co-owner Harvest Restaurant and Sparrow Coffee

Teaching FLOW yoga for healing and balance in life and busy schedules

Daniel Silva

Togat FLOW Martial Arts Instructor

Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Specialising in keeping you surf fit, self defense, flow energy movement and traditional martial arts

Angie Davis

Togat FLOW Retreat Co-ordinator

Founder The Anicca Way and Anicca Retreats

Surf and Travel Editor


Your Waves



Your New Front Yard – A long left-hander wraps around the front of the Island for rides of up to 200 yards. Picking up most available swell and surfable on any tide, and at any size, Scarecrows is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawais. On a good day out front a surfer will find, open faces perfect for carving, long racing walls and multiple barrel sections…sometimes all on the one wave! A fun wave, suitable to surfers of all abilities and skill levels.




An average day at Icelands will see a steepish takeoff, followed by a shorter ride with opportunity for a couple of turns and the occasional barrel.

However, it is once a big W-SW swell hits that Icelands truly starts to show itself, transforming from a small swell go to spot into somewhat of a beast.



A right-hander which breaks over a shallow and very live reef, Suicides is best surfed on a high tide. Those who aren’t lured too far up the reef by an enticing, yet un-makeable section, can negotiate a steep takeoff straight into a barrel before coming through to the next section and chance for a couple of turns as the wave fattens out into the channel.





When it’s on this long left-hander would have to rank up there with as fun of a wave to be found anywhere. Long rides of over 200 meters are possible, as predictable section after section offer ample opportunities to whack, hack and pull in! Considering the quality of wave, Teles is quite forgiving, the reef here is relatively deep, though the wave should definitely not be taken too lightly. Big swells see large sets breaking further up the reef as barrels reel quickly down the line and into the regular takeoff zone, slowing down briefly before walling up and concentrating again on the inside tube section.


7 Palms

Good option for some fun on small days Only a short ride from Togat Nusa, Seven Palms peels off along the reef in front of a scenic limestone-coved beach. The wave tends to close out when the swell gets too big so is generally saved for a bit of a change on those smaller days. It is a fun, rippable wave capable of throwing out the odd barrel. Suitable to surfers of any skill level, those looking for more of a challenge can push themselves further up the reef to a sometimes makeable faster barrel section.




The aim of Togat FLOW Retreat is for you to guide your own schedule.

Surfing is at your leisure from dawn to dusk with a world-class wave out front of the main restaurant, and the island surf boat is ready to take you to the best breaks of the day.

Group meal times and FLOW classes are listed below - attend at your leisure:

Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation 6-7:30am

Breakfast 7:30 - 10:30am

Lunch: 12:30 - 2:30pm

Martial Arts: 2:30-3:30pm OR early evening (surf condition dependant)

Dinner: 7:30 - 8:30pm

*Attend the FLOW program schedule at your leisure

*Hosts are available for personal sessions


Early Bird Offer: USD$2,550

*Book NOW and receive a free health and nutritional evaluation on SKYPE with Australian health professional coach Blaze Reedy

*Absolutely limited spaces, we allow 8 guests max on the island to enhance your exclusive experience

(*If dates sell out a SECOND retreat will become available at a later date)

What You Get

10 days, 9 nights at Togat Nusa Retreat in an eco-luxe bungalow

Surfing at your leisure

FLOW Yoga and Martial Arts program at your leisure

Return transfers from Padang airport to the island

Local surf break transfers

All meals, smoothies and coconuts

Snorkelling, SUP use, local village visits

Candlelight dinners

Drinking water (refillable at the restaurant) - BYO reusable bottle

The Island

Togat Nusa Retreat is situated on the private island Pitojat, some 80 kilometres off the West Coast of mainland Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ringed by an undeveloped white sand beach, the 12 hectare island can be circumnavigated in just half an hour on foot, or explore the centre through lush tropical rainforest abundant with flora and fauna such as native orchards, climbing vines, large monitor lizards, and a variety of bird species.

The turquoise lagoon at the front of the island gives way to Scarecrows, a long left-hand wave that peels around the fringing coral reef. On the other side of the island is an enchanting deep drop off channel offering impressive views to the south of the tropical mainland, with waves breaking over distant reef passes.

Rates does not include airfares or $1million Rupiah Indonesian Government Surf Tax (approx USD$75

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