Angie Davis is a writer, director, and futurist. Her work is inspired by global travels, where untold stories are discovered and shared through storytelling, with a goal of cultivating compassion, the catalyst for change.

Angie's debut documentary, environmental and social good film Double Barrel (Peru), premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival before touring globally and airing on in-flight entertainment channels, TV, and online streaming platforms in multiple languages. Set in northern Peru, the film shares the story of her meeting of Peruvian surfer Harold Koechlin and their journey to raising environmental awareness in the oil-dominated coastal village of Lobitos in order to preserve the surf for generations to come. The film succeeded in helping the locals raise funds to induct the surf breaks of Lobitos into Peru's national registry of protected waves, a historical accomplishment.

Angie's second film, TV documentary feature The Laps: Tasmania, follows two Australian surfer dads around the rugged island of Tasmania with no cash, no car, no phone, and just 10 personal items each. With two weeks to circumnavigate the island, the cast discover the kindness of humans and the benefits of minimalism along their way. Premiering to a sold out Australian audience, the film is currently screening globally to positive acclaim.

Angie found film directing following a decade-long career in surf and travel journalism. As the previous editor and producer of Yahoo Travel, and with a long standing career as a freelance writer, producer, and content marketing specialist, the step into film directing was a natural progression.

Angie now travels full time with her little family, emphasizing life education and exploration as imperative to her sons' development and her personal transformation following multiple traumas in her 20s such as surviving domestic abuse, the Japanese disaster in 2011, and witnessing a friend die from a shark attack. Passionate about surf, travel, environment and humanity, Angie has spent time working with local surfing communities in northern Peru, mentoring women in rural Nepal in virtual reality and storytelling, and documenting social development projects in the far flung reaches of India's Himalayan region of Ladakh.

Angie is a strong, positive voice for women’s equality, youth education, and future world building, and is excited about using immersive media such as Virtual and Augmented Reality as storytelling mediums to invoke empathy, cultivate compassion, and foster education. While these technologies are not a magic pill, they are impressive storytelling and educational tools for innovating humanity.

Angie’s writing, video content and films cover travel, social impact, wellbeing, environment, sustainable tourism and business, and have been distributed extensively in multiple languages.

Angie believes in futures that are only possible by upgrading humanity now.

Get in touch: angie (at)