The Anicca Way was founded by Angie Davis, an Australian travel and wellness journalist, filmmaker, Virtual/Augmented Reality director and producer, mother, environmentalist, and domestic violence survivor. Angie’s global travels and personal healing journey unleashed a burning passion to share the stories of the inspiring people she has met on her path and go the further mile of providing a platform to reach out and support others. Thus The Anicca Way was born, and Angie is joined by a team of free thinkers who share her vision to raise universal consciousness.

Angie Davis (Australia)

Founder | Conscious Creative | Disruptive Gypsy

In 2016, I changed my life. Focusing on my personal health and well-being, I made a decision to sell all my possessions to live a more balanced life as a digital gypsy, with two kids. Since then, we have traveled to over 10 countries, including living in a tipi for 4 months, a recent adventure that took us across Asia using no plastic bottles and (almost) no airplanes.

Life hasn't always been the proverbial 'dream'. I lived through a decade of domestic violence, evacuated the 2011 Japanese disaster, watched a friend die at my feet in the sand from a brutal shark attack, and subsequently lived with post traumatic stress that I failed to explore. I was dealt some tough cards, but I've seen women go through worse in third-world countries so I worked my way through life trying to remain positive and resilient, but failing to go into my own grief caused me to operate mostly in fight-or-flight mode, lowering my awareness and ultimately self-sabotaging my inner peace. I made poor decisions, struggled financially, and lost love, especially for myself. But that life wasn't for me. I had a burning fire to transform my life and so I made radical changes. I believe we are are all truly gifted with the opportunity to change our lives at any moment.

On my healing journey I've been inspired by people, places, wisdom and techniques, and The Anicca Way is my offering to share it all with you. I have experienced grief, but I've learned that struggle and poverty is but a state of mind; change the way you look at things, and the way you look at things changes. Of course some tools in your arsenal contribute greatly to changing your state and reaching a breakthrough. The Anicca Way is a network of stories and resources - a united healing community - to help you on your own journey of becoming happy, healthy and strong.


Hailing from South Australia, I ventured to Japan at the age of 21 and lived between Tokyo and Chiba for almost a decade as a journalist with a strong focus in social impact, travel and surfing.

After relocating home to Australia post-Fukushima disaster, I wore the hat of Travel Producer and Editor at Yahoo!7, before founding the conscious creative production company 'Switchboard Media Group' in 2014. I directed, wrote and produced two documentary films, Double Barrel, and The Lap of Tasmania, before moving on from Switchboard to focus on innovation and who we can use advanced technology such as VR/AR/MR and AI to reach an advanced humanity.

WellTech Innovations will launch in 2018 (@welltechinnov).


The Anicca Way is a tribute to the impermanence of nature, with the only constant in life being change, and is inspired by the Vipassana teachings of S.N. Goenka, of whom I am a student.

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More about Angie Davis:

Documentary: Double Barrel Film | Director/Writer/Producer

TV Series: The Laps TV | Director / Producer

VR & Emerging Technology: Angie Davis Films | Director, Writer, Concept Creator

Charity: Vday Byron Bay | Co-Founder; First We Walk | Founder; Protect Our Winters Japan

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Celia Galpin (Australia / NZ)

Photographer | Single Mother | @celiagalpinphotography

Celia is New Zealand born, Byron Bay (Australia) based photographer with a zest for life, health, and the ocean. Pursuing film photography at school, Celia once had a darkroom in every house she lived, but it wasn't until later in life when she became pregnant that she made the commitment to pursue her hobby as a career. 

Re-learning and evolving her skill-set through dedication, online courses, and assisting for talented photographers, Celia soon reached a breakthrough when she placed 3rd in the Canon Light Awards, and her business Celia Galpin Photography has blossomed from there.

In 2017, Celia joins The Anicca Way as a travel, wellness and lifestyle, photographer, and will join Angie and Emilie on the inaugural First We Walk trekking and women's refuge expedition to Nepal in December.

Emilie Nyman (Norway)

Contributor | Digital Nomad | @emilienyman

Emilie is a globalist, a lover of the world and all its vivid creatures and corners. Travelling opened her eyes at a young age, realizing that she found the unknown inspiring and adventuring was the best way to learn.

She spent the last six years roaming, learning, and creating homes all over the globe. Ashrams in India, bamboo huts in Indonesia, beach shacks in Australia, and the majestic Himalayas are just a few places she's left a piece of her heart.  

Emilie believe in the endless power of yoga, meditation and a vegan diet. Meeting people on her journeys has taught her an unconditional love for every living soul, regardless of their religion, culture and race. Em has, in recent years, become active in environmental organizations to help preserve the places that are close to her heart: from the ocean and its ceaseless waves, to the tall, majestic snowy mountains. Emilie once aspired to becoming a doctor, however after one year at medical school she realized that her life's mission was to heal people in a more wholesome and holistic way. As such, she is currently pursuing this path whilst traveling the globe, learning from the Earth's great masters.

”It might seem mad this life I'm living. Careless, wild, uncertain and free. Free from attachment, free from routine.

It might be mad - but that’s why I live it. ” - Emilie Nyman.