With over 15 years experience as a journalist, writer and multi media producer, and over 4 years combined experience in authentic documentary film and immersive media storytelling, I combine my professional skill-set with 3 years of full-time global travels for a holistic approach to consulting. Having created and collaborated on diverse media projects all over the world, I bring a rounded perspective backed by real results in creating change through authentic storytelling.

Passionate about immersive media and spatial presence as progressive storytelling and education tools for positive social and environmental impact, I am deeply entrenched in the VR space and have an international track record for consulting on VR and 360 experiences from concept right through to distribution.

The past three years of full-time travels have instilled a diligent remote work ethic, and I adopt new technologies to connect and consult with my clients and teams all over the world. Being based now in France gives me a regional advantage to deploy myself internationally in person when required, while also enabling me to keep abreast of the latest developments in industry across the world.


I consult with brands, non-profit organizations, production companies and individuals all over the world, in-person and remotely. My diverse portfolio of professional and life experience gives me a rounded perspective on each project I work on. I pull from my successful track record in media production, a global network of brilliant minds and creatives, and an innovative vision of increased creativity and authentic connection for the future.

Projects I have consulted on include post-graduate trans-media storytelling course creation and delivery, documentary film, virtual reality (including concept creation, directing, script writing, conceptual world building, distribution), augmented reality concept creation, commercial brand media content production, and I work closely with businesses on authentic story creation, immersive technology adoption, and bringing positive social and environmental impact to the forefront of storytelling and content strategy.

Clients include Temme Media, Laureate Universities, Garage Films, Bodyscience, Divine Goddess Yoga Products, LXRandCo, Nikon, Daily Addict, Yahoo!7, Australian Himalayan Foundation, Ode to Wonder, Wellness in the Clouds, Protect Our Winters Japan, and more.


Mothers of the Atlas VR Premiere at the United Nations Social Good Summit

Client: Temme Media and Qualcomm Wireless Research

Location: United Nations Social Good Summit, New York City

I consulted on the coordination and facilitated the set up and delivery of Mothers of the Atlas VR’s premiere exhibition with Temme Media and Qualcomm Wireless Research teams, bringing first-time and familiar VR users into the experience including leading media editors from TIME Magazine and Forbes. I also consulted with Temme on their press rollout and follow-up business development, working ongoing with the company over the course of six months to create VR and AR concepts for global brands and social impact organizations across diverse industries.


Proximity VR Gold Coast VIP Premiere

Client: Temme Media

Location: Event Cinemas, Gold Coast, Australia

I facilitated the virtual reality experience of Teton Gravity’s Proximity VR, directed by Taylor Steele, at the VIP cinematic premiere of Proximity, managing headsets and putting users into the four experiences Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, featuring a selection of the world’s best surfers including Kelly Slater, Dave Rastovich and Stephanie Gilmore.

Girl God Inc founder story creation and investment pitch

Client: Girl God Inc

Location: Santa Barbara, California | Remote/Online

I was hired by Taki Gold to help capture his authentic story into his brand Girl God’s business proposition and investment pitch. Taki was a child soldier in the Liberian Civil War at six-years-old, and has turned his war into an expressive and sustainable fashion brand and women’s art incubator to empower girls and women.


LXRandCo content production and marketing

Client: LXRandCo

Location: Montreal, Canada | Remote/Online

I was hired on a retainer contract by LXRandCo to lead their marketing team on content production and marketing strategy for eight months, remotely and with a three month period in-house at their Montreal HQ. My team developed fresh content and retail marketing campaigns promoting and educating consumers on sustainability and positive-impact circular fashion, and I directed creative teams on physical production, digital and retail campaign creation and execution.

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Postgraduate trans-media and storytelling course creation and delivery

Client: Laureate University Australia’s ‘DELTA’ post-graduate online learning program

Location: Australia | Remote/Online

I was hired by Laureate’s DELTA team to co-create and mentor two post-graduate courses, trans-media and storytelling. I joined weekly webinars with the course lecturer and students to mentor the program and offer real time media projects for students to develop and collaborate on.

Divine Goddess Yoga Products campaign film direction, content creation and storytelling

Client: Divine Goddess Yoga Products

Location: Byron Bay, Australia | Canggu, Bali

I have been hired by Divine Goddess on multiple occasions to create content, direct film campaigns, and consult on the brand’s storytelling strategy. Below is a fun ‘behind the scenes’ vlog I created from one of the brand’s creative shoots.

Bodyscience TVC and brand campaign

Client: Garage Films and Bodyscience

Location: Sydney, Australia

I was hired by Garage Films to co-produce a direct Bodyscience television commercials, still photography brand campaign and video series with key Australian athletes and health experts, including television personality and health concept founder Lola Berry.


Angie is the hardest working director I know who makes things from the heart for positive change. All of her work is inspired from the amazing life she has lived travelling the world.
— Taylor Steele, award-winning director
Working with Angie has been an awesome experience. I have been working alongside her for the last four to five years. Most notable were her two documentaries, Double Barrel and The Laps. Angie is a great collaborator and always has fresh ideas on how to approach each project. She gives 110% to every job and has amazed me with her determination to make each project a success. I look forward to seeing where her career takes her.
— Tim Wreyford, Cinematographer, Editor and Color Grader
Angie and I have been working together for almost 10 years. It is rare to find someone who can cross business, production, writing and creative in all projects and I have always enjoyed our collaborations together. An authentic storyteller whether in documentary, emerging technologies such as VR or her own stories of vulnerability and growth.

I’m looking forward to a new phase of working with Angie on a project I consider my life’s work and that I would place in no other hands to start the genesis of something incredibly important to me in my work with women, for women and by women.
— Sybil Steele, Founder Temme Media
I have collaborated with Angie over a number of years. Angie is one of those rare individuals whose amazing creative talent is matched only by her courage and tenacity. Angie is driven by storytelling across multiple mediums including film and VR, and the power of these mediums to make real positive change in the world. This passion led us to collaborate on an education program for an episodic film initiative called The Laps. Laps is now gaining international momentum for not only the quality of Angie’s filmic and storytelling skills but for the attention it is bringing to climate change and our impact on the environment.

Angie has a passion for education and community and this powerful combination will no doubt continue to help build Angie’s international reputation as a creative thought leader and change maker.
— Michael O'Brien, Co-Founder Harness Projects, previously Director at Delta, Laureate University
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Angie developing content, working on various sponsorship plans, product and business development. Angie is a thought leader, sparking original ideas and tirelessly turning them into disruptive content, insightful & provocative art forms, and successful business activations. She is the rare blend of artist meets business/social change agent. Angie is also an incredibly talented Filmmaker and Director. I would recommend Angie for any project that requires perspective on how to influence social change.
— Paula Toledo, Founder Ode to Wonder, TEDx Speaker
Angie is an invaluable team leader and master of storytelling. She helped us create a compelling social presence that is as much content-driven as authentic and bold. Highly recommended.
— Tyler Harder, Director of Marketing, LXRandCo | Founder, Maikai