Spring Equinox calls you to expand your transformation and manifest your dreams

Spring Equinox is here. Credit: Angie Davis

Spring Equinox is here. Credit: Angie Davis

Happy Spring Equinox!

Over here in Japan the snow is melting and the days are filling with sunshine and strong signs of Spring.

A time of transformation, and completion of the birth, death, and re-birth cycle for another year, the Spring Equinox is held on 19/20th March depending where you are in the world, and is recognized as the beginning of the new astrological calendar and a time for manifestation. Here in Japan, today is known as Vernal Equinox, and is a celebration of new life and tradition calls for us to give our attention to promoting fertility in crops and humans.

If you made resolutions during the Winter Equinox (the period following Christmas and early January) then the Spring Equinox is the time to bring these resolutions into fruition.

Literally meaning "equal night" in Latin, the Equinoxes are the only times of the year when day equals night, no matter your location on Earth. When day and night are equal, the sacred feminine and masculine energies come together in harmony, allowing life to emerge.

Put your attention to what you want to create, achieve and use this transformational period to getting to work to making your dreams happen.

In this New Astrological Year we will be moving through emotional maturity (Moon/Saturn) and breaking through the conditioning (Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Pluto) to truly unlock our soul's purpose and align with our true self (Sun, Venus, Chiron). The world needs us all to unlock and pursue our gifts!

I highly recommend you subscribe to Kaypacha from New Paradigm Astrology on YouTube and his incredible weekly Pele Reports as a guide to help us stay in alignment and understand what we are experiencing as a collective - you are not alone!

I am aligning with my inner self today with a 24-hour water fast to re-set my digestive system and allow a release of any feelings or emotions that may arise. Check out Tyler Tolman's advice and resources on water and juice fasting to learn more.

So much love to you all,