Experts fear that growing migration to the already overcrowded Dhaka caused by climate-linked disasters threaten a surge in Bangladeshi child marriages. 

"Research carried out among adolescent girls in the southern district of Barguna by the charity Plan International found that, after powerful Cyclone Sidr hit in 2007, a 'significant proportion' of schoolgirls migrated to towns to work as maids or in the garment industry.

Most never returned to school - and the number of child marriages surged as well, the report said.

Activists say that, once in crowded cities like Dhaka, girls face an even greater risk of early marriage and sexual violence than they would have in their villages back home."

Here are two seemingly unrelated facts: Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries when it comes to the effects of climate change. Around 30% of girls in Bangladesh are married before their 15th birthday. Hidden Connections is a 20 minute documentary revealing how these two facts are intertwined.

Some families feel so helpless they are even arranging marriages in advance in anticipation that their properties will be destroyed by river erosion.

"One of the ways you cope with it is by trying to unload your kids," said a women's rights researcher with Human Rights Watch. "After this cataclysm happens, you're probably not going to be able to feed your daughter, let alone get her married to someone.

Barr belieces Bangladesh should involve women in devising plans to adapt to climate change and managing natural disasters, ensuring girls are educated as opposed to being forced into early marriage.